Professional Home Energy Audits

Serving Ashland, Columbia, and Jefferson City

Clients interested in improving their home energy performance should consider scheduling a home energy audit. The Elements’ technicians are certified to perform home energy audits with local providers for the Home Performance program with Energy Star. Our Mid-Missouri partners include Columbia Water & Light, Ameren Missouri and Boone Electric.

To schedule a home energy audit, fill out the service request form or call 573-488-0016.

Home Energy Audit Columbia, MO

How to Prepare For an Energy Audit

Our technicians use a range of techniques for inspecting home energy efficiency so appointments can take up to 2-4 hours to complete. Following the assessment our technicians will diagnose problems that include air leaks, improper filtration and poor insulation. If you’re eligible for financing and rebate options, someone from the Elements team will let you know.

Is your home energy efficient? Let us audit your home.