Insulation and Weatherization Services

Improving insulation helps stabilize room temperatures and lower your monthly energy costs.  Homes sealed with air-tight insulation will have better energy flows and less trouble with moisture control.  At Elements Home Energy Solutions the insulation materials are purchased from local vendors we’ve relied on for years and trust to deliver high quality.  If you’re interested in improving your home insulation contact us to learn more about determining your R-Value.

Choosing an R Value

Selecting the best insulation materials is determined by the thermal resistance, also known as the R-value.  The greater the R-value on your insulation, the more effective it will be at preventing heat loss in your home.

Recommended R Values for Missouri Homes

  • Ceilings / Attics: R – 49
  • Walls: R – 18
  • Floor over Crawl Space: R – 25
  • Crawl Space Wall: R – 19
  • Slab Edge: R – 8
  • Basement Wall: R – 11