Moisture Control: Keeping Your Home Healthy

At Elements Home Energy Solutions, we can provide you with high-performance humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air filtration system products to defend your home against unwelcome allergens and mold buildup from moisture.

Moisture’s Impact of Human Health

The air we breathe directly impacts our daily health.  This makes maintaining moderate levels of humidity a high priority for protecting your home.  Mold and bacteria thrive in moist environments while air that is too dry can increase chances at developing infection or virus.

If a member of your household has allergies, asthma or a medical condition putting them at risk for respiratory infections, consider having one of our technicians examine your home’s humidity levels.

To learn more, download Aprilaire‘s diagram of optimum relative humidity ranges for human comfort and health.

Protecting Your Home’s Value

Too much or too little moisture in the air can damage the walls, floors and even furniture in your home.  If you’re a renter, water damage and mold growth could equal serious legal problems. Many warranties – especially those for hardwood – only provide protection for homes with humidifiers. Avoid long-term hassle and protect your assets by having a moisture control system installed today.

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