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Maintenance and Tune Ups

Proper Maintenance is esential for the effeciency and longevity of your HVAC system

Dirty filters, blowers, coils, motors, and air conditioners can result in costly repairs.

Here are a few pictures of things you dont want to happen to you.

Things you can do!

1: Air flow is a critical part of the operation of your heating and cooling system.

Dirty filters are the most common problems we see during service calls. This is something very easy to remedy.

Make sure you change your filter at least every 1-3 months.

Obviously every home is different and so this is just a rule of thumb.

A good practice when purchasing a new filter is to stock up. Picking up multiple filter will mean you always have one at the ready and makes the chance of a regular filter change much more likely.

Next, date the filters you install so that you can keep track of them easily. Marking a calander or installing a thermostat with filter reminders is also a good idea.

2: visually check your A/C unti.

Keep leaves and yard waste away from your air conditioner. Murphy's law says that these items will interfer with its operation.

Don't let your dogs urinate on the A/C unit. This causes corosion of the aluminum on the coils.

Use a garden hose and a nozzle that allows a smooth even flow of water to wash the outside of the A/C unit. Avoid using the "jet" setting as high pressure concentrated flow can damage the coil. Wash the outside of the coils and work from top to bottom, there is no need to wash the inside of the A/C unit.

3: Check the batteries in your thermostat annually.

4: Give us a call and get set up for our Annual Maintenance program.

Let us take care of the electrical checks, refrigerant balancing, combustion analysis, safety checks, and deep cleaning.