Contaminants in the Air You are Breathing

Indoor air pollution is a problem in almost every home - even yours.  In fact, the EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.  

The Problem:

Polluted Indoor Air

Your Health: Many times, we don’t even think of the particulates we are breathing. Let’s be real, its gross to think about.  However, it  is common for homes to have biological particulates such as mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The dust you see on your furniture is actually mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, pollen and other harmful contaminants. On top of that are the common odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC’) such as cleaning chemicals, paints, carpets, tobacco smoke, pet odors, cooking smells.  Considering this, it is no wonder that just one cubic foot of indoor air can contain more than 30 million pollutants (that’s 100 times more than outside air), and is responsible for up to 94% of respiratory problems.

Your Home:  The most noticeable way contaminates affect your home is odor.  No one wants to open the door to welcome their friends, but instead blast the with the scent of pet odor, or burnt beans, or dirty laundry.  This can happen without you realizing, as you become “nose-blind” to your own home’s odors. Beyond that, contaminants also damage your furniture, fabrics, appliances, and electronics.

Theix: This is really where it all comes together. Depending on your home and your personal needs, we will help you find the right product or combination of products to fit your needs.

Properly sized Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment - Your air conditioner must run for an extended period of time to allow for proper removal of humidity from the air. Please be aware that an “oversized” system, sounds great, but it is NOT an upgrade.

High Capacity Filter - The purpose of a filter is to keep the indoor system parts from clogging with dust and other foreign material.  These filters have a higher capacity and larger surface area that allows you to maintain the efficiency of your system while reducing the frequency of filter changes.  We highly recommend these to persons interested in respiratory health, homes with young children or elders, and pet owners.

Whole House Air Purifier - Removes particulates and irritants throughout your home; including mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and even viruses.  Your HVAC blower moves air through your home and pulls contaminates through the return air ducts, trapping them in the filter, where they are then harmlessly disposed of when you change your filter.  

UV Lights - Using a combination of UVC light and activated carbon cells, these devices reduce airborne odors, mold, germs and allergens throughout the entire home.  The lights are installed inside the duct work of your central air system, removing contaminates as they pass by.  The activated carbon cells attract and hold odors and microbes which are them catalyzed by exposure to the UV light. Laboratory studies show that after just a few hours of operation, the most common forms of indoor air pollutions is significantly reduced. These systems are self cleaning and virtually maintenance free.

Not all UV lights are the same. Some models do not have the carbon cells but can still be very effective. We use both types, and the applicatioins are matched to the needs of each home.

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